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Orleans - Promo Place Tiles No.1 | Mini Expansion

Orleans - Promo Place Tiles No.1 | Mini Expansion

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Promo Place Tiles No.1 includes three new place tiles: Farm, Christmas Market and Prairie.

The farm allows you to receive goods corresponding to your position on the farmer's track. The Christmas market involves rolling a die - you receive bonus gifts depending on what you throw. Finally, the prairie is a passive benefit that allows you to take goods from another player if your merchant is in a town with their trading post.

These new place tiles are an excellent way of adding replayability to Orleans, as picking up a useful tile during the game can really help you gain a crucial edge over other players!

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 3 new place tiles. The English, French and German rules are included inside the pack.

We have lots of Orleans mini expansions for sale!

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