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Isle of Skye - Tunnel Tiles 1 (Tunnelplättchen 1) | Mini Expansion

Isle of Skye - Tunnel Tiles 1 (Tunnelplättchen 1) | Mini Expansion

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Tunnel Tiles 1 adds two new elements to give more options when playing Isle of Skye.

All six of the new tiles feature at least one tunnel entrance. When connected to other tunnels, roads can then go through the mountains, expanding your opportunities!

In addition, most of the tiles also feature whisky barrels with VP symbols next to them. Every income phase, these barrels give one extra victory point if connected to your castle via roads or tunnels.

This mini expansion can be played together with Tunnel Tiles 2, and works in the same way.

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 6 new landscape tiles. The printed English rules are included.

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