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Fields of Arle - Advent Calendar Promo | Mini Expansion

Fields of Arle - Advent Calendar Promo | Mini Expansion

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The Advent Calendar Promo adds new tiles to give you extra tactical options when playing Fields of Arle!

2 new building tiles allow you to make better use of peat as a resource. The Peat-Fired Brickworks lets you exchange a clay and a peat for 1 brick per shovel you have. The Peat Power Plant allows you to remove any number of moor tiles from your home board, gaining 2 food for every tile you remove.

The new vehicle tile also gives you additional opportunities. The Coach-and-Four offers a triple space for vehicle tiles on one side, with an additional single space available on the other side.

The mini expansion is brand new and includes 3 new tiles. 2 building tiles: Peat-fired Brickworks and a Peat Power Plant and 1 vehicle tile: Coach-and-Four. The printed English rules are included.

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