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Feast for Odin - Mull & Caithness (Harvest) | Mini Expansion

Feast for Odin - Mull & Caithness (Harvest) | Mini Expansion

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Explore new lands, navigate unpredictable harvests and try a new game variant with the second mini expansion for the critically acclaimed Feast for Odin!

Your Vikings can now sail further in northern Scotland to discover the beautiful Isle of Mull and Caithness on the new exploration board.

There are 21 new 1x1-sized goods tiles, including berries and amber, to help you fill those tricky gaps on your board! 8 new harvest tokens are included that lead to more randomised harvests. In addition, there are 10 new resource markers players can receive in each harvest, and a new ‘Altar’ special tile. Finally, there is an accelerated start variant giving everyone an artisan shed and extra silver at the beginning of play.

The mini expansion is brand new and contains a new double-sided exploration board featuring the Isle of Mull and Caithness, 21 Goods Tiles, 10 Resource Markers, 8 Harvest Tokens and an ‘Altar’ Special Tile. The printed English rules are included, with the German rules inside the pack.

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