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Colt Express - Silk Bandit | Mini Expansion

Colt Express - Silk Bandit | Mini Expansion

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An intriguing new Bandit has joined the fray in Colt Express. But just who is the mysterious Silk?!

When you play as Silk, you choose one special power before starting the game. The following three powers are available (you can also choose to make up your own power!):

Move power: Move 1 or 2 Cars, whether you are inside the train or on the roof. Dodger power: Give a chosen player the neutral Bullet when you encounter a Lawman. Block power: Block the rear door entrance, preventing other characters from entering that Car.

The mini expansion is brand new and includes: 13 action cards, a wanted poster card, an arrest warrant card, 6 bullet cards, a character card, a character sheet, a wooden Silk bandit piece and a wooden horse piece. The English and French rules are included inside the pack.

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