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Colt Express - Santa Claus Elf | Mini Expansion

Colt Express - Santa Claus Elf | Mini Expansion

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The Elf wants to deliver gifts to the train driver who deserves them after all his hard work. Will he succeed? That will all depend on whether you decide to help or hinder the Elf’s mission!

Each player receives a token at the start of the game. The Elf follows the bandits through the wagons as play progresses, with the winner being determined based on the Elf’s final position and whether players reveal a gift or empty token at the end.

Santa Claus Elf can be used with or without the expansions Horses & Stagecoach and Marshal & Prisoners.

The mini expansion is brand new and contains an Elf standee for assembly and 8 tokens, of which 4 are gifts and 4 are empty. The printed English rules are included.

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