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Colt Express - Loot Upgrade Kit | Accessory

Colt Express - Loot Upgrade Kit | Accessory

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The Loot Upgrade Kit enriches your Colt Express game experience so you can play like true high rollin’ outlaws!

Upgrade your loot with custom purses, strongboxes and gems from the base game, whiskey flasks from the Horses & Stagecoach expansion and money bags from the Marshall & Prisoners expansion.

The pieces are made from high-quality hard plastic.

The accessory is brand new and contains 36 plastic pieces of loot: 19 purses with values of $250-500, 3 strongboxes with $1,000 values, 6 gems with $500 values, 6 whiskey flasks (5 normal and 1 old flask) and 2 money bags with values of $200 and $1,200.

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