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Catan Scenarios - Helpers | Mini Expansion

Catan Scenarios - Helpers | Mini Expansion

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Catan Helpers is a brilliant expansion that adds lots of variety and strategy to Catan!

Twelve all-new character tiles add real depth to the game, with each one having a special ability that players can use. These include receiving a resource card if you rolled unsuccessfully; being able to banish the robber; protection from losing resources if a 7 is rolled and the ability to move an existing road anywhere!

Each character tile is double-sided, allowing you to use its ability up to two times before swapping it for another. Helpers of Catan is compatible with the base game, Catan: Seafarers and the 5-6 player extensions.

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 12 double-sided character tiles. The English rules are included inside the pack.

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