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Catan Scenarios - Frenemies | Mini Expansion

Catan Scenarios - Frenemies | Mini Expansion

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Catan Frenemies is an expansion that adds new twists to player interaction in Catan!

A new era of altruism has swept over Catan! Helpful behaviour is rewarded with new favour tokens. Resources are given to those that are behind, the robber can be moved to isolated locations and neighbours’ roads can be connected up, amongst other favours.

However, every player still has to look out for their own interests - certain types of ‘help’ may feel like anything but!

The mini expansion is brand new and contains a guild hall board with 5 guild halls, 8 victory point markers, 58 guild favour tokens (8 traders, 8 merchants, 8 road builders, 17 scholars and 17 master builders) and the English rules.

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