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Castles of Burgundy - New Hex Tiles | 2nd Expansion

Castles of Burgundy - New Hex Tiles | 2nd Expansion

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The New Hex Tiles add some interesting options to Castles of Burgundy!

Players who add the new Park building hex can treat it as any building they want. Likewise, the goat animal hex features two goats who may be counted as any animals when scoring. No kidding!

In addition, there are two knowledge hexes. The first lets the player purchase two worker tiles at any time, paying only a silverling. The second allows the player to always have their counter at the top of the turn order stack.

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 2 yellow knowledge hexes, 1 Park building hex and 1 green animal hex. The English and German rules are included on a card inside the shrink wrapping.

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