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Carcassonne - 19 Wooden Meeples Complete Set | Accessory

Carcassonne - 19 Wooden Meeples Complete Set | Accessory

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Complete set of 19 wooden meeples, allowing you to play Carcassonne in a new colour or have an additional set to share the fun with extra players!

There’s a wide range of hues to choose from, all adding a splash of colour to Carcassonne! All the meeples required for the base game and every expansion are included. The white and wood colour sets are unpainted, allowing you to paint them yourself if you wish!

The accessory is brand new and contains 19 wooden meeples: 8 regular meeples, a big meeple, a builder, a pig, a mayor, a wagon, a barn, a messenger, a robber, a shepherd, an abbot and a ringmaster.

We also sell sets of 8 regular meeples, solely for the base game in a range of colours.

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