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Carcassonne - King, Robber & Cult | Mini Expansions

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King & Robber give bonus points to players at the end of the game. The King token is given to the player who completes the largest city, with points offered at the end of the game. The Robber token works similarly but for the player who completes the longest road.

Cult sites act like cloisters: when a cloister and a cult tile are adjacent to one another, a challenge begins! The player who first encircles this tile scores 9 points whilst the other player gets nothing!

The mini expansions are brand new and contain 12 tiles: 5 landscape tiles, 5 shrine tiles, a king tile, a robber tile and four marker tokens. The printed English rules are included. The new Carcassonne artwork is featured, playable with both the original and new versions of the base game.