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Carcassonne - Count | Mini Expansion

Carcassonne - Count | Mini Expansion

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The Count lives in and stalks the four quarters of Carcassonne, waiting for the right time to strike! The two large tiles depict the beautiful city of Carcassonne, with different designs on each side, and are placed at the beginning of the game instead of the normal start tile.

Using the side with the flags splits the city into four different quarters: castle, market, blacksmith and cathedral. Players may also choose to move the Count to another quarter, imprisoning all meeples unfortunate enough to become his victims. Eek! Using the side without flags entails playing under normal rules.

In addition, each quarter corresponds to a feature type, meaning a player may move their meeple to a specific feature to gain points or even prevent another player from scoring!

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 2 large starting tiles and a brilliant purple wooden Count meeple. The printed English rules are included. The new Carcassonne artwork is featured, playable with both the original and new versions of the base game.

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