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Carcassonne - GQ Promo Tiles | Mini Expansion

Carcassonne - GQ Promo Tiles | Mini Expansion

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The GQ (Games Quarterly) Promo Tiles add unique new landscape tiles and an interesting rule variant to Carcassonne!

These tiles have special feature combinations that were not found in the original base game. One tile consists solely of a field, another has a monastery with four roads leading from it, a spring tile is included whilst other tiles have cities at unique angles with rivers running between them. This mini expansion is sure to help you out in those tricky tile-placing spots!

A supplementary rule variant for the included field tile gives the farmer who wins it at the end of the game 1 bonus point per city they have!

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 12 new Carcassonne landscape tiles. The printed English rules are included. The original Carcassonne artwork is featured, playable with both the new and original versions of the base game.

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