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Carcassonne - Gifts | Mini Expansion

Carcassonne - Gifts | Mini Expansion

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In this 20th anniversary mini expansion, you receive gifts for helping your fellow players!

Gifts introduces an exciting new concept to Carcassonne – if you place a tile that adds to another player’s road or city, you receive a gift! Draw a gift card then keep it face down in front of you.

In a future turn, you can then choose to play one of your gift cards to receive an exciting bonus: place a meeple on an unfinished monastery, score an unfinished road immediately (even if your meeple isn’t on it!), change the position of an existing meeple on a tile, cash out a meeple on a feature to score from it, and finally, the unique ability to draw a second tile on your go!

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 25 gift cards: 5x synod cards, 5x road sweeper cards, 5x meeple change cards, 5x cash out cards and 5x take 2 cards. The printed English rules are included.

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