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Carcassonne - 4 Mini Expansion Bundle | Set 1

Carcassonne - 4 Mini Expansion Bundle | Set 1

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This special bundle includes 4 mini expansions for Carcassonne: German Cathedrals, Tollkeepers, German Monasteries and Markets of Leipzig.

Each mini expansion offers something unique. Build famous cathedrals and appoint your meeples as archbishops with German Cathedrals, or allow your meeples to collect tolls on the roads around Carcassonne with Tollkeepers.

German Monasteries lets you score points in different ways using your meeples as monks or abbots, and finally, visit the four quarters of Leipzig at European trade crossroads in Markets of Leipzig.

The mini expansion bundle is brand new and contains 6 cathedral tiles, 10 tollkeeper tiles, 6 toll tokens, 6 monastery tiles and 4 double-sized Leipzig tiles. The English and German rules are included. The newest Carcassonne artwork from 2022 is featured, playable with both the original and new versions of the base game.

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