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Mists Over Carcassonne - Spell Circles | Mini Expansion

Mists Over Carcassonne - Spell Circles | Mini Expansion

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Spell Circles offers new challenges for all 6 levels of the excellent Mists Over Carcassonne game!

Magic spell circles have appeared that attract ghosts and keep them trapped in the mist. Only when the mist is cleared will the ghosts be freed – luckily, cat Eloise is on hand to help you!

Please note that due to manufacturing issues, the sides of some tiles may not be fully straight, tiles can be difficult to remove from the cardboard and the Eloise cat stand may not hold properly in its base. These issues can affect all copies of this mini expansion, but they are usually minor!

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 9 new landscape tiles for Mists Over Carcassonne and a cardboard cut-out cat, Eloise. The printed English rules are included. The Mists Over Carcassonne base game is required to play.

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