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Carcassonne - Traders & Builders (No Box) | Expansion

Carcassonne - Traders & Builders (No Box) | Expansion

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New unboxed version of the excellent Traders & Builders expansion including the printed English rules.

Traders & Builders is the second expansion for Carcassonne and introduces many new aspects to the game. The landscape tiles contain new features such as bridges and cities. Some tiles also depict goods symbols for wine, grain and cloth, which players can collect to earn points.

Additionally, builder meeples act as supervisors which allow extra tiles to be placed. The pig meeples can be placed in fields by farmers to earn bonus points at the end of the game!

The pieces are brand new and include 24 landscape tiles, 6 builder meeples, 6 pig meeples and 20 goods tokens (9 wine, 6 grain and 5 cloth). Please note: a blue tile bag is not included. The newest Carcassonne artwork from 2022 is featured, playable with both the original and new versions of the base game.

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