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Orleans - Trade & Intrigue | Expansion

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Trade & Intrigue is a brilliant expansion for Orleans that develops the game with four new modules and new place tiles.

A new Beneficial Deeds board offers lots of unique options, giving you the chance to get goods, actions and other bonuses to help you on your way. A new Intrigue board allows you to hire various nefarious characters to thwart your opponents’ plans!

Trade is stimulated with the addition of new Order cards that allow you to grow your fortune by completing missions and delivering goods to cities across the map. All new Events occur in Hour Glass tiles which influence life in Orleans by stimulating trade and progress in many exciting ways.

These excellent modules can be added to the base game altogether or separately, and are joined by three new place tiles: Merchant House, Sheep Farm and Brasserie.

The expansion is brand new and sealed and includes: 1 Beneficial Deeds board, 1 Intrigue board, 34 Hour Glass tiles, 23 Order cards, 3 Place tiles, 10 cover tiles and the English and German rules.

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