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Concordia - Venus | Expansion

Concordia - Venus | Expansion

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The Concordia Venus Expansion adds many exciting elements to the Concordia base game!

New personality cards for the goddess Venus open up fresh strategies to win the game. Two excellent new maps are included; Hellas and Ionium, allowing players to explore different parts of the eastern Mediterranean in much more detail.

In addition, there is a new option allowing teams of two players to compete against each other! Full materials for a sixth player, in white, are also included.

Please note that this is the Venus expansion, and requires the Concordia base game to play.

The expansion is brand new and includes the Hellas & Ionium maps on either side of the game board, 102 new Venus personality cards, 8 other assistance cards, sixth player materials, new goods, coins, a Venus card display and the English and German rules.

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