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Concordia - Forum Tiles | Mini Expansion

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The Forum mini expansion adds intriguing new special forum abilities to enhance your next game of Concordia!

Patricians and citizens alike have come to aid you from the forum! The abilities they grant you include: being able to trade in up to 6 different goods types (up from the normal 2), gaining 8 sestertii for each wine sold, allowing the Senator to be used as a Consul and being able to choose the bonus good received when a province produces.

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 8 new double-sided cardboard forum tiles, with the English version on one side and the German version on the other. The English rules are included. The mini expansion is compatible with the main Concordia base game, as well as the Venus and Salsa editions, and was originally bundled with the Privilege tiles for the Navegador board game.