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Catan - Fishermen of Catan | Mini Expansion

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Fishermen of Catan transforms sea tiles from the base game into fishing grounds. These give players tiles worth one, two or three fish.

Players can spend fish on special benefits: 2 fish to move the robber back to the desert; 3 fish to take a raw material card from another player; 4 fish to take a raw material card from the bank; 5 fish to build a road immediately; 7 fish to take a development card.

Players must be careful, however, as an old boot might be caught instead of a fish! As long as the old boot is in the player's possession, an additional point is required to win the game. However, the old boot can be passed onto other players if they have more points than you.

The mini expansion is brand new and contains 10 large fish tiles, 29 square fish tokens and one old boot token! The printed English rules are included.