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Carcassonne Hunters & Gatherers - Base Game

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New English version of the Carcassonne Hunters & Gatherers board game. It is a stand-alone game in the Carcassonne series, designed to be played separately.

Journey to the Stone Age in this prehistoric version of the classic tile-laying game, updated in a new edition!

Expand a landscape full of forests, rivers, lakes and grasslands, while going on the hunt for mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers!

Many of the familiar mechanics from Carcassonne are present, along with some new rules. These include gold nuggets in forests being worth extra points, and meadows with animals or rivers with fish scoring higher.

The game is brand new and includes 95 landscape tiles, 30 tribe member meeples in different colours, 15 huts, 24 covering markers, 5 scoring tiles, the scoring track and the English rules.