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Carcassonne - Sheep & Hills | Expansion

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New German version of the excellent Sheep & Hills expansion which includes the printed English rules. There is no in-game German text.

In Sheep & Hills, players turn their attention to Carcassonne’s lush meadows. If you send your shepherd to the right meadow, you can peacefully wait until a whole flock gathers at your feet. But beware! If a wolf emerges before your flock has been led to their pen, all your hard work will have been in vain!

In addition, hills seem to appear from nowhere – those who guard them will find themselves with the ‘upper hand’ should a land dispute arise. The vineyards also give the monks of Carcassonne a little something to look forward to!

The expansion is brand new and includes 18 landscape tiles, 18 sheep and wolf tokens, a cloth bag and 6 wooden shepherd pieces. The new Carcassonne artwork is featured, playable with both the original and new versions of the base game.