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Carcassonne Amazonas - Base Game

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New German version of the Carcassonne Amazonas board game which includes the printed English rules. There is no in-game German text. It is a stand-alone game in the Carcassonne series, designed to be played separately.

Amazonas is similar to the original Carcassonne game in which players create a world by placing tiles and scoring various features in the landscape. The brilliant Amazon theme in this new version has players discovering animals, locating water courses and visiting native villages!

In the tropical heat of the jungle, wildlife is abundant on the river and in the trees. There’s little time to appreciate the serenity, however, as you notice other explorers heading into the rainforest to build camps and navigate their boats downstream. The race to the mouth of the Amazon River is on!

Tou-can play at this game, and in fact, up to five can!

The game is brand new and includes 80 landscape tiles, 4 double-sized tiles, a large start tile, 25 meeples in different colours, 10 camp pieces, 5 boats and the scoring track.